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Think BIG, go small. Choose enano!

1. space saving    2. energy efficient    3. powerful    4. versatile    
Space Saving Small-Form-Factor

Small form factor computers are a revolution, bringing a new face to desktop computers. Why waste so much space when your computer can go virtually unnoticed. At just 6.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep and less then 2 inches tall, the enano can easily satisfy the most demanding users enabling them to handle most aspects of computing without compromise. With an enano you can claim back your space, saving you over 40% of your desk room when compared to a standard traditional desktop computer.

A wireless keyboard/mouse along with the enano secured behind an LCD monitor (with our mounting bracket), you can eliminate the clutter on your desk. Out of sight, out of mind; enano’s sleek, ergonomic design and small size will effectively boost your work efficiency and help maintain a pleasant mood.

Energy Efficient

enano is a small-form-factor computer that not only saves on space but also conserves energy. Running energy efficient laptop components the enanos use 65 Watts Vs. 300 Watts by a traditional computer. Additionally, since the enano’s mobile processors generate 3 to 4 times less heat then a desktop’s, you can expect a quieter and more energy efficient computer. Power your entire home and/or office with enano computers desktops and see the savings of reduced power consumption.

Small But Powerful

Don’t let its size mislead you; the enano is just as powerful and capable as the larger and bulkier traditional desktops. The capability of having Core 2 Duo processors allow for top rated performance in a small, uncompromising package.  With a TV tuner card the enano can be used as a Personal Video Recorder allowing you to program recordings of your favorite shows and have them available for later viewing when its more convenient for you.  The enano is also Vista ready, allowing you to have the lastest technology at your finger tips.
Use it almost anywhere 

Small enough and light enough to be portable,  you can bring the enano from presentation to presentation with ease. Set one up in a conference room to run a projector and have it go unnoticed due to its size and silent operation. Have a meeting/presentation out of state or out of the country? No problem, enano’s size and weight makes it ideal for shipping so you can have the computer waiting for you at your destination. The enano's size also makes it perfect for use in a car.  Fitting in the glove compartment and attatching it to a seperate car LCD screen, the enano can be loaded with software to display GPS mapping software and be used as an MP3 juke box.  Additioanlly, the enano can be set-up almost anywhere in the house.  For example, let it help you in the kitchen by providing you an endless recipes and cooking intructions.
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